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  • Rink, Svenja; Bendella, Habib; Akkin, Salih Murat; Manthou, Marilena; Grosheva, Maria; Angelov, Doychin N (WILEY111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ, 2019)
    Insufficient recovery after injury of a peripheral motor nerve is due to (1) inappropriate pathfinding as a result of axonal regrowth to inappropriate targets, (2) excessive collateral axonal branching at the lesion site, ...
  • İkidağ, Mehmet Ali; Biçer, Hüseyin; Cüce, Mehmet Ali; Uyar, Meral; Akkın, Salih Murat (SPRINGER FRANCE, 22 RUE DE PALESTRO, PARIS, 75002, FRANCE, 2017)
    In this case report, we present an unexpected, extramediastinal course of aortic arch through an accessory fissure of left upper lobe of the lung in a 19-year-old healthy man.
  • İkidağ, Mehmet Ali; Cüce, Mehmet Ali; Özkılıç, Şinasi; Uysal, Erdal; Akkın, Salih Murat (2016)
    There is a range of well-described anatomic variations and developmental anomalies of the pancreas in the literature.Although some of these variations are extremely uncommon, knowledge of these abnormalities is essential ...

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